About The Animal Reader

Our desire is to present news about animals at the same level and with equal value compared to human related news. We believe animals are equal to humans. They deserve to live peacefully and not be tortured and killed by us.

We show you what’s happening and where we can, we give our readers options to directly contribute to better the circumstances of life for animals.

The Animal Reader was created by journalist Prya Bisambhar. “I was born in a family where eating meat was normal. When I got my cats 10 years ago, it started feeling weird that I loved them so much and would of course never eat them, but I still ate other animals. Felt hypocrite. So I stopped. For 10 years I was vegetarian and fine with it.

But then I started reading more about cheese and eggs and the horrible stories behind it. So I decided to become vegan. I continued learning and reading about the way we treat animals and basically came to the conclusion that what we’re doing to animals is not ok, just really not ok.

The more I read, the more I realize our society went a bit mad in what we find acceptable when it comes to the way we treat animals. And we’re hurting them so badly. As if they’re things. I hope more people will come to the same conclusion I did and choose to stop hurting them. I realize it will take time as it did with me.”

We’re always looking for guest writers. Send us a mail at info@theanimalreader.com.