About The Animal Reader

Photo by Dean Nahum on Unsplash
Photo by Dean Nahum on Unsplash

The Animal Reader is an animal-focused news outlet. Every day we cover interesting stories with the intent to create awareness and compassion for our fellow creatures.

How many times have you read news articles where the death or mutilation of tens, hundreds or thousands of animals is nothing more than a side note? In traditional media the focus is mostly placed on the economic value of animals. We want to change that!

The Animal Reader focuses on the animal toll of our current and future society. 

By creating awareness we hope to achieve the following:
* Stop the mistreatment of animals
* Reduce the consumption of meat
* Create a balanced and healthy world for both humans and animals

These goals may seem broad but even small changes for the better can have a significant impact. Also keep in mind that our faiths are intertwined, for example our massive meat consumption is accelerating climate change.

We understand that it can be depressing sometimes to be confronted with multiple news articles about animals being slaughtered, whales with tons of plastic in their stomach or poachers bringing whole species to the brink of extinction.

But The Animal Reader is here for them, we are here to report their news story and we will not let them down. Help us by sharing their stories and let them be heard.

The Animal Reader is always looking for correspondents who cover animal focused news. If interested please contact us.

Mail: info@theanimalreader.com