The Animal Reader

Photo by Dean Nahum on Unsplash
Photo by Dean Nahum on Unsplash

The Animal Reader is an animal-focused news outlet. Every day we cover interesting news stories with the intent to create awareness and cultivate compassion for animals.

There’s a problem with the way our society looks at animals. The living species ‘human’ feels superior to the living species ‘animal’. We feel that it is ok to hurt animals for food, clothes and medical tests. Animals are treated as products and not living beings, and that needs to stop.

We need to make humans aware that we can’t keep treating animals like this. That it is all of our responsibility to end this cruelty. But how do we get people to feel more compassion for animals?

The answer is responsible and ethical media who care about animals the same way they do about people. It’s a given fact that any news about humans gets more coverage than news about animals. We want to create a platform where animal lives are the focus of news stories.

The Animal Reader was founded by journalist Prya Bisambhar.